Start-up or business segment leader, we collaborate without bias. We can work with standalone, family-owned stores or design high-performance enterprise solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once assigned a project, how long do you take to begin working on it?

Twenty-four hours. However, in case you are in great rush, we can even begin working on your project immediately after finalizing the project deal.

How do you receive payments?

When you make us your outsourcing partner, you have several payment options. We receive payments through PayPal and Wire Transfer or by Credit Card.

What is the data transfer process like?

By various means and in several forms. We accept product data in the form of .CSV files, Excel spreadsheets and even hardcopy catalogs. If required, we can also capture product data from the manufacturer’s websites. As about the means of transfer, you can either email us the product data or send it to us in the form of a secure FTP download.

How can I ensure my data is safe?

It is one hundred per cent safe. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients and a confidentiality agreement with our employees to keep your product data completely secure.

How can I follow the progress of my project?

Monitoring the progress of your project is easy when you partner with Team4eCom. Our Project Managers are always available on Skype, phone and email to provide you updates and answer your queries. Even if you do not seek updates, they will still submit a detailed work report to you at the end of a working day.

If the performance of the project manager was below par, what procedures do you take?

We assure you that such an eventuality will never arise. But in case something like this does happen you can communicate your grievances to the Operations Manager, the Vice President heading the Division and/or the CEO. They will ensure that the non-performing team/Project Manager are replaced with those more able. If necessary, we will also modify the process. However, if the situation is completely beyond salvage, we will reimburse your money.